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Closing, Moving and Suspended Programs

Below you will see a directory of all the closing and moving programs.

Merchants and networks are invited to upload details of programs which will be moving, suspending or closing soon here.

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Advertising.com(0) Affilinet(0) Affiliate Future(0)
Affiliate Window(2) Buy.at(0) CJ(2)
DGM(2) Netklix(0) OMGUK(0)
Paid On Results(3) Smart Quotes(0) Tradedoubler(5)
Webgains(1) Zanox(0) Other(0)

Latest Closing and Moving Programs
Merchant Added Status Action Date Description Action
Santas Letters 03-01-2006 Closing 13-12-2005 Santa can't send anymore letters for 2005. He will be back next year :-) [show details]

Yes Car Credit 03-01-2006 Closing 14-12-2005 Yes Car Credit closing with immediate effect as they are no longer trading. [show details]

Central Furniture 23-12-2005 Closing 23-12-2005 Closing with immediate effect due to non payment. All commissions will be honoured by Affiliate Window. [show details]

Phones4u 21-12-2005 Closing 11-01-2005 Due to circumstances out of TradeDoublers control, the Phones4u program will close on the 11/01/2006. [show details]

Nemo Personal Finance 13-12-2005 Suspended 13-12-2005 Please be aware that the Nemo Personal Finance affiliate program has been temporarily suspended. We would advise you to stop promoting Nemo Personal Finance until further notice. We will infor... [show details]

ASOS.com 12-12-2005 Suspended 11-12-2005 Unfortunately our warehouse at Hemel Hempstead has been damaged by the explosions that took place at the Buncefield fuel depot on Sunday 11th December. Until we understand the scope of the damage w... [show details]

Thomsonfly 12-12-2005 Moving 19-12-2005 On Mon 19th Dec the Thomsonfly affiliate programme on CJ is closing and being relaunched as an action on the main Thomson Holidays, Flights, Hotels and Villas programme. pete_norwood@tui-uk.co.uk [show details]

Boots.com 12-12-2005 Closing 17-11-2005 Boots.com Closing on CJ. Still available on TD. [show details]

Cartridge Monkey 12-12-2005 Closing 01-01-2006 Cartridge Monkey are closing their WebGains account on 01/01/06. [show details]

WStore 09-12-2005 Closing 30-11-2005 Program Closed [show details]


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